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Identity Theft Prevention

Common types of identity theft, phishing, and other scams devised to gather sensitive...

Improve Customer Service One Transaction at a Time

It’s commonly known that it takes five new customers to replace one LOST customer and that people who have had bad experiences usually tell 10-12 people about it.

Introduction to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

This course will introduce you to the payment card security standards developed by the major card providers—VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Management Basics

Understand the basic leadership skills necessary to be an effective leader
Food Safety

Manager Training: Capacitación para gerentes en protección de alimentos de SafeMark

From a food safety perspective, the grocery industry is different from other food industries. Employees must be skilled in food safety practices to prevent contamination any time they receive, prepare, handle, hold or sell food.
food safety food safety manager
Prepare to Sell

Melons: Product Knowledge for Retail Staff

Melons: Product Knowledge for Retail Staff is part of the Prepare to Serve suite for Employees. Employees gain a high level understanding of the Melons category.

Money Service Business: Detecting and Reporting Suspicious Activity

How can employees who perform money service business (MSB) transactions play an active role in preventing money laundering?

Motivational Interviewing Foundations for Pharmacists (Non-ACPE)

Motivational Interviewing Foundations for Pharmacists educates pharmacists on the most effective approach for helping patients discover their own motivations for medication adherence and positive behavior change.

OSHA - Bloodborne Pathogens: Awareness and Protection

Today more than ever, contraction of deadly bloodborne pathogens is a real risk. Coming into contact with other people’s blood and bodily fluids can put you at risk of HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis, among many other dangerous bloodborne pathogens.