OSHA - Lockout/Tagout Implementation and Maintenance

Improper or non-existent lockout/tagout procedures are responsible for an average of 60,000 workplace accidents a year! Failing to implement and maintain an appropriate lockout/tagout program can have major ramifications for your company.

LearnSomething’s OSHA – Lockout/Tagout Implementation and Maintenance* is designed to meet OSHA’s training requirements and show managers how to prevent injuries occurring through the accidental release of energy.

An informed and prepared management team is both a requirement and a responsibility. Protect your image and bottom line from the damaging effects of a major OSHA penalty with LearnSomething’s online, just-in-time training.

Note: The manager’s version of this course develops content introduced in the employee version and assumes completion of the employee version. If you have not completed the employee version, please do so before beginning this course.

*Employee version is also available.

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