SafeMark Quick Reference: Food Safety for Food Handlers - Texas

FMI’s Food Safety Training for Food Handlers - Texas course is approximately 45 minutes long and has captured the actionable content learners need in order to protect a retailer’s customers and reputation, including:

Food Hazards 

  • What food hazards are and how to minimize the risk of food contamination and foodborne illness

Personal Hygiene

  • The personal cleanliness practices that safeguard food and encourage shoppers’ trust

Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • What it takes to satisfy regulations, eliminate contamination and create an appealing shopping environment

Time and Temperature Controls

  • Best practices that are a must to keep food safe

Reduce Risk with Superior Content Retention 

Easy-to-understand narration and relevant retailer images combine to make the instruction impactful for a wide range of learners. The simple interface makes it easy for learners with limited computer experience to complete the course, while the limited use of text helps learners with minimal reading skills stay focused. And an engaging story arc sharpens the learning experience and increases comprehension.

This course is both efficient and economical — providing employees with the food safety information specified by most state, county and local governments.