Product Knowledge for Retail Staff - Cheese

Product Knowledge for Retail Staff - Cheese will help employees learn about the importance of cheese sales to their store and gain an understanding of cheese’s nutritional properties and how to answer common questions. They will also become familiar with general characteristics, texture, and flavor information for six classes of cheese (Soft, Semi-Soft, Blue, Semi-Hard, Hard, Processed), as well as for top-selling cheeses. In addition to selling more cheeses, associates learn to increase sales by cross-selling other perishable department products to provide an entire meal solution. The bundled course includes these individual titles:

  • PT-1091  Product Category Training: Cheese Basics
  • PT-1097  Prepare to Sell - Deli Cheese: Blue Cheese
  • PT-1096  Prepare to Sell - Deli Cheese: Hard Cheese
  • PT-1094  Prepare to Sell - Deli Cheese: Semi-Hard Cheese
  • PT-1093  Prepare to Sell - Deli Cheese: Semi-Soft Cheese
  • PT-1092  Prepare to Sell - Deli Cheese: Soft Cheese
  • PT-1095  Prepare to Sell - Deli Cheese: Putting It All Together

The entire course covers more than 25 popular and specialty cheese varieties. Learner activities and a self-check reinforce the content and provide detailed feedback for both correct and incorrect answers.

Seat Time: 2 hours

System Requirements

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