Motivational Interviewing Foundations for Pharmacists (Non-ACPE)

Motivational Interviewing Foundations for Pharmacists educates pharmacists on the most effective approach for helping patients discover their own motivations for medication adherence and positive behavior change. Through scenario-driven instruction, the program demonstrates how motivational interviewing can be used to improve health outcomes for both resistant and compliant patients. Motivational Interviewing Basics for Pharmacists is an essential program for patient engagement initiatives and can provide pharmacists with the skills and confidence they need to provide patient-centered care.

To help pharmacists integrate motivational interviewing into their daily practice, this program reviews:

  • The literal definition as well as the “spirit” of motivational interviewing
  • The main concepts behind MI
  • The counseling skills used during MI
  • Various forms of patient resistance and the responses that respect the patient’s feelings
  • Listening for “change talk” from the patient and using it to initiate behavior change

A final assessment identifies learner comprehension and provides instructional feedback.

Motivational Interviewing Basics for Pharmacists is part of the Patient Engagement Skills series.

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