Wine Retail Sales, Suggestive Selling & Pairing

Learning about wine is a hands-on activity. However, to engage in a wine discussion, a team member must possess basic knowledge that prepares them for the vocabulary, processes, service elements, and food/wine pairing intracacies that are associated with beverage sales and proper wine service.

Our course lays the foundation on which you can build your operation’s specific wine and menu offerings.

Course Content

This module uses video and high resolution photographs to demonstrate the correct way to open a bottle of wine and/or Champagne. Students learn how to serve wine and are taught about the correct glassware to use, how and why to decant and proper temperatures. Valuable tips to recommend and sell wine more comfortably are also shared.

  • Appropriate Glassware
  • Opening & Decanting
  • Food & Wine Pairings
  • Suggestive Selling Tips

At the end of the course, students are required to complete a 10-question quiz. Once the quiz is passed, a personalized Certificate of Achievement can be printed. 

Seat time: 30 minutes

Vino 101 is a trusted provider of beverage education solutions serving the foodservice, hospitality, and retail industries for the past decade. Our engaging and interactive online learning experience is focused on increasing the wine sales of your operation while concurrently improving the buying experiences of your guests and patrons. Our clients have seen a 15-20% increase in wine sales within 60 days of implementation of our course.

Intro to Wine™ serves as the ideal wine-centered onboarding tool for new team members at the time of hire. The course immediately aids in recommending, selling, and the proper service of wine. It is also used as a refresher course for seasoned professionals.

Intro to Wine™ provides a comprehensive and entertaining introductory wine education for all staff involved in the sales and service of wine.

Course Features

  • Extensive Wine Glossary
  • Video Sequences
  • Remediation Quizzes
  • High Resolution Photos
  • Flash Animations
  • Interactive Activities
  • Pairing Guidelines
  • Suggestive Selling Tips
  • Bookmarking Capabilities

System Requirements

Get Acrobat!
The Acrobat Reader is required to view many resources.

Get Flash!
The Flash plug-in is required to view case studies, activities, and course navigation.

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