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Prepare to Sell

Prepare to Sell – Deli Cheese: Soft Cheese

Product Category Training: Cheese Class Soft is part of the Prepare to Serve Fresh Perishable Foods suite for employees.
Prepare to Sell

Product Category Training: Vitamins for Women's Health

Vitamins for Women's Health is part of the Product Category Training suite for retail employees.
Prepare to Sell

Product Knowledge for Retail Staff - Cheese

Employees will become familiar with general characteristics, texture, and flavor information for six classes of cheese (Soft, Semi-Soft, Blue, Semi-Hard, Hard, Processed), as well as for top-selling cheeses.
Prepare to Sell

Product Knowledge for Retail Staff - Deli Meats

Equip employees to meet the needs of your deli customers by introducing them to the general characteristics of deli meat, the specific characteristics of deli turkey, beef and ham, and common uses for each.
meat prepare to sell deli product knowledge
Prepare to Sell

Product Solutions for Customers, Fresh Perishable Foods

This course is based on a simple but powerful equation: Greater customer satisfaction means increased store-brand loyalty and larger basket size.

Quality and Patient Safety: A Training Program for Community Pharmacy [2021 Update - CE Available]

The pharmacy industry manufactures, markets, and distributes products that can be both beneficial and harmful, and that is why quality and patient safety are fundamental components of the industry.

Ready2Comply: Privacy and Personal Information

Personal information is information about people.

Ready2Comply: Records Awareness

Our records are vital assets that support our ongoing operations.

Ready2Manage - Accounting Basics

This course consists of three modules that lay the foundation of solid accounting principles.

Ready2Manage - Achieving Planned Outcomes

This course explains how an Organization can break down barriers and Achieve Planned Outcomes.