Ready2Manage: Undertake Project Work

This course investigates the skills required to manage such a team, including how to develop and motivate people, how to generate detailed action plans, and how to monitor progress and report to stakeholders. We then focus on planning the project in terms of what activities must be completed in what order as well as how they will be completed. We will get started by looking at the Work Breakdown Structure, which is an effective means of specifying tasks in a project. If it is your responsibility to lead the project team, one of your first challenges will be to determine the way in which you intend to operate as this will determine the blend of people you seek. The human aspects that are vital throughout the cycle of a project will also be examined. In this course, we also focus on setting goals that can be reviewed and measured so that project milestones and completion are clearly identifiable. We will look at how to review project outcomes and processes against the project scope and plan, as well as the importance of involving team members in the project review cycle.